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What’s the best way to get shiny, glossy hair?

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QWhat’s the best way to get shiny, glossy hair?

ASome Suggestions: Shampoo with a clarifying (first lather) (deep cleansing) shampoo (removes all the product build up from the hair), then Shampoo with a moisturizing shampoo (putting the moisture agents, emollients and nutrients back into the hair to give it shine and sheen), then
Select a conditioner to suit your needs, you can use a moisturizing conditioner or leave in conditioner, then
In order to further lock in moisture, your last rinse should be with cool water. This technique closes your pores and keeps the moisture in, then Keep processing to a minimum. If your hair is over processed – meaning you relax, perm or curl too much it could become damaged and won’t shine. Be sure to wait the recommended amount of time between relaxers and colouring sessions. Then,
Indulge in regular trims. A regular trim, say every one or two months will keep the hair in good shape and show off a recognizably glossy shine, then Work in a steam treatment. At least once a month we recommend steam therapy, it’s like a facial for the hair. It adds moisture to the hair using water and steam, then
Grab a glosss product. Gloss products are good for shine, then Stick to Ceramics, ceramic blow-dryers and irons give the hair a lot of shine. They help lock in the moisture instead of depleting the hair of it’s moisture. For best results use with a heat protectant, then
Put nutrition first. What goes in determines what comes out, including your hair! Drink a lot of water and less coffee and fizzy drinks. It also makes a difference whether you eat green, leafy vegetables as opposed to lots of carbohydrates and starchy foods, then
Exercise, make sure you keep your hair tied up. Sweat dries up your hair so make sure you add some type of moisturizing product to it afterwards. Active individuals will also need to wash their hair more frequently, twice weekly as opposed to once weekly.