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AROSCI Intensive Restructuring System

AROSCI Intensive Restructuring System
………is a revolutionary system featuring Next Generation Protein Smoothing Therapies designed to tame frizz, straighten curly textures and elongate natural curls with ease. With the proven AROSCI® Strand by Strand Strength™ Complex, AROSCI® IRS delivers three levels of protection and strength for up to 12 weeks.

FORTIFIES each hair strand with a combination of penetrating amino acids for improved strength with every use.

STRENGTHENS with a restorative blend of micro proteins that promote repairing the hair from the inside out.

PROTECTS against breakage with a nourishing series of natural extracts that encourage hair growth.





Give it to me straight…..and Relaxer Free!
The new Arosci Intensive Restructuring Foam delivers “relaxer like” straightening without permanent chemicals, for up to 12 weeks of smooth, straight, frizz free hair. Designed for clients who are Straight Seekers, Natural Wearers and Those in Transition.

The Intensive Restructuring Foam transforms the most unmanageable hair into smooth, tamed hair with illuminating shine, while improving hair strength with each use.

The New Standard in Curl Elongation

The Arosci Intensive Restructuring Serum delivers the new standard in natural curl manageability. Designed for Natural Wearers, the Arosci Intensive Restructuring Serum delivers maximum elongation, significant curl control, high curl definition, and naturally healthy shine.

With the Intensive Restructuring Serum, you can:
 . Significantly elongate natural curls and showcase the true length of natural styles
. Increase curl manageability and ‘comb-ability’ for better curl control
. Create high definition natural curls with style . Deliver the “wash and wear” look without hassle
. Tame natural curls and prevent frizz for up to 12 weeks
More about AROSCI
(Q)Does the IRS system contain formaldehyde? (A)Certified Formaldehyde free
(Q) Who Is the best target client for the IRS system? (A) The IRS system is effective on all hair types. Ideal clients include: straight seekers, those transitioning from out of a relaxer, natural curl wearers. The IRS system can also be used on children
(Q) How long does it last? (A)The smoothing treatment can last up to 12 weeks, depending on hair type, texture and process of application.
(Q) What is the touch up / regrowth application? (A) The treatment can be reapplied every 8 to 12 weeks depending on hair texture & number of shampoos. Process the entire head each time for maximum results.
(Q) Can semi-permanent colour, demi-permanent
colour or permanent colour be applied on the same
day as the IRS system?
(A) Yes, we recommend that you complete the application of the entire IRS system before applying any colour.
(Q) After long term use is there a permanent effect? (A) Because this system does not break the hair bonds, there is no long- term effect. The only permanent effect is healthier, stronger hair.