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Relaxers v Texturizers - What's the Difference?

QRelaxers v Texturizers - What's the Difference?
ATime Factor:
Relaxers are typically left on the hair anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, while texturizers shouldn't be left on for more than 5 to 10 minutes. The amount of time the chemicals react with the hair is the main factor in differing results between the two processes.

Chemical Composition:
Don't be fooled by claims that texturizers are a natural product. Both relaxers and texturizers contain chemicals that change the hair permanently. In many cases, these products contain the same ingredients -- what alters the results is the time that they're left on the hair.

When it comes to how straight you want your hair to be, there's a big difference.

Relaxers are made to "relax" the curl and in many cases, women choose to relax their hair bone straight. This sometimes results in over processing and can leave the hair with little elasticity and no body.

Texturizers, on the other hand, are applied when you don't want all of the curl removed from the hair. Done correctly, this process can turn thick, bulky hair into a curly or wavy texture, but it's important to note that hair should already contain S-shaped curls.